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Megans rose and vanilla flavoured ice cream | Having a little pose in front of the Eiffel Tower

Peonies on the Seine (Shoes: Urban Outfitters|  Coat: Primark)

You may have noticed I haven't been updating the blog as of late. 
The next few posts will explain all.. I have been exploring Europe for 7 weeks!
These are just some of my iphone photos as between my boyfriend and I we have about 13 rolls of film to get developed! Y'know that feeling of anticipation of getting 1 developed we have that times 13! 

Paris was incredible, I started my trip with my friend Megan, she shares a love for flowers, vintage and shopping so she was the prefect girl to visit Paris with. I found getting good photos without 100,00 other tourists in was très difficile!

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The Deco Lounge

I just had to share these images with all of you. Paul and I had the most wonderful breakfast at the Deco Lounge, in Bristol.  Can you ever go wrong with  pancakes with banana, blueberries, peach sauce and crème fraîche? (uh, no!) With a side of retro wallpaper and enamel lampshades, this place is perfection! 
There are quite a few of these eclectic restaurants dotted around so if there is one near you get down there as soon as possible cause they are bloomin' lovely! Click here for the website. 
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Day dreaming in Clifton

On beautiful sunny days, I can't help but wonder around the luxurious streets of Clifton. 
The pastel colours and the balconies..I dream of having one overlooking the river, to drink cups of tea and eat croissants on. 
I have also been working on a project for Uni with the idea of 'being local' so I am collecting video footage (so out of my depth) and photos of places and things near where I live. I love capturing the essence of Bristol. It is making me realise what a lovely place I live in! 

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