Your 5 Part 1

Last weekend I visited the 'Your 5' event at Cabot Circus. The event enables you to choose your 5 must haves this summer.  These classic trends will help freshen and update your wardrobe yet also fit alongside your current style.  I had the opportunity to meet with the stylist for a 1-1 consultant to help me find my five faves. The stylists were so helpful and really managed to capture my sense of style, but also find a refreshing twist to add a something a bit different to what I might usually go for.

1/ Cropped Trousers / French Connection. £80
These came in both black and white but I thought I'd be a bit adventurous and go for the white!
2/ White Shirt / French Connection. £69
I'm forever on the lookout for the perfect white shirt. This classic dress can be dressed up or down to ease from day to night. 
3/ Short Jacket / White Company. £98
I have a whole wardrobe filled with oversized wool jackets and raincoats. I thought it would be about time to embrace the summer weather (wishful thinking?) and invest in a light jacket. 
4/ Silk Top / New Look £17.99
I really liked the cut of this top, I thought it would be great for Glastonbury as it's a bit out there for what I would usually wear but, festival season, the time to be adventurous hey?!
5/ Sneaker / Schuh £55
I instantly fell in love with these! I love Superga's so much. They are the ultimate comfort for my wide awkward feet! I already have a cream pair, but I wore them to death when I went travelling and it was about time for an update. ( more on these in part 2) 

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Christmas in Devon

Coat: Charity shop | Hat: H&M | Scarf: Urban Outfitters | Boots: c/o Ted and Muffy

Just a little Christmas post, and some iPhone pictures! 
I had a few days in Devon with my family. It was lovely and relaxing before heading back to Bristol for work. 
This is a classic outfit for me... a stripey dress, big wool coat, thick tights and boots. I haven't really changed much all winter! My boots from Ted and Muffy are so comfy, I wouldn't usually go for a red boot as I always play it safe with black but hey I pushed the boat out this time! And they pretty much go with everything in my very neutral wardrobe which mainly consists of black, navy and cream. (oh and what's that bright orange doing in there hey?!)


What's In My Make Up Bag

I'm really an 'au naturel' kinda gal. I like to hydrate my skin and keep it as clear as possible. 
I use a lot of coconut oil, to moisturise and take my make up off with, however it isn't technically in my make up bag as I have a huge pot of it on my desk at home. 
So this is my travel kit.. 
Nivea Soft is an essential when I'm on the go at Uni or work. I get dry skin especially at this time of year so this is must and never leaves my side, along with my Burt's Bees ultra conditioning lip balm. 
I like to prime with a little CC cream from Korres at Bath and Unwind it evens my skin tone really effectively and is the perfect shade. For me it's important that is also SPF 30 as it is great for my fair skin (yes, I even burn in the cloudy English summer!)  
I use L'orieal The Minerals power for my foundation as its super light in consistency which I like as I don't like to feel weighed down by my make up! 
I also add a little red lipstick to transition from day to night, Ardency Inn Modester from Urban Outfitters in a really rich red always finishes my look! 

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